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"It's Chicken Pox - a Normal Childhood Illness." Arthur's Dad.

Posted Jun 01 2011 12:00am

5:50 seconds into this clip Arthur's Dad says, "It's chicken pox." and reassures his son - "No it's just a normal childhood illness. I had it. Mom had it." Then Mom decides to call Grandma Thora to come take care of Arthur. DW is terribly jealous of the attention and TLC her big brother recieies while sick. There's no panic, no Defcon 99 germ bomb, no shame, no calling child services for lack of proper medical care.  So what has changed in the last decade where American parents have been taught to fear and loathe chicken pox - and now adults face shingles regularly because tots are not shedding "varicalla boosters" via routine chicken pox?  Meantime, the rate of chronic, lifelong, debilitating sickness has skyrocketed with nary a care in the mainstream media and doctor's offices around the nation. "Just get the damn shot!" to paraphrase a certain TV doc.

Posted by Age of Autism at June 18, 2011 at 5:44 AM Permalink

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