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Is there a point to blogging Age of Autism – the book?

Posted Oct 18 2010 1:47pm

Recently Sully asked if there was value in continuing to report of a certain AJ Wakefield’s exploits. It got me to thinking – is there continuing value on blogging Age of Autism, the book?

The most recent chapters have descended into very very familiar territory with the Somali and Amish episodes being regurgitated to seemingly little or no point. Are LB/RB readers of the opinion that this sort of material requires review?

Don’t get me wrong, I would continue to blog about new material in the book but as I have come to the section of the book where phrases like:

The obvious risk that immigrants to any Western country face is over-vaccination.

Page 250

are tossed around without any reason or evidence to back up the implication that ‘over’-vaccination is dangerous, or indeed there is such a things as ‘over-vaccination’, then I begin to question the worth of this material to LB/RB readers.

What do you think Dear Reader?

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