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Is The DoD Paying Attention To Swine Flu & Vaccine Conflicts?

Posted Sep 08 2009 10:05pm
I have to wonder about the title of this simple column being a military spouse, and I continually wonder about the reality of the title because of what I know to be true. I think I hear that damn black helo flying over my house again, but I then realize, that to them, of course, I am just a stupid mom.

Well, I might be stupid mom according to "them", but one thing I am NOT is unpatriotic, and that is what I fear is happening with our own Department of Defense based on their actions regarding autism, military dependents, and vaccination.

I have seen much of the news links posted below previous to tonight, but it all finally hit home. You see, I am an All-American girl. I like all kinds of sports, but especially football. I have been aching for Thursday to get here. This evening I happened to be multi-tasking once again; laundry, making lunches, making dinner, and of course watching whatever football is on the NFL Channel. Well... it happened to be a repeat of last years SuperBowl. It all came together for me; all this recent news regarding swine flu and the vaccine, autism, and of course the military. Why?? Well, I want you to watch this . Forgive the skips. Look at the players faces and see the tears and emotion that they feel when they hear our National Anthem sung by Jennifer Hudson, who herself was only a few months out of a huge personal family tragedy of her own at the time. Look at the emotion on their faces, see the tears in their eyes, see them grab their chests in strength and respect, and see how much respect they have for what our National Anthem means. I am of the belief that there are many in the Department of Defense who have lost sight of what it means to protect this country, yet keep our troops safe. And yes, that comes back to vaccines.

So you might want to look HERE . Yep, we're talking MANDATORY vaccination of all military members, and if the CDC puts this on the recommended schedule, then all military dependent children attending day care, child care, or school age programs (including family programs), will be mandated as well.

Then you might want to take a look at this HERE . And this HERE too.

Now see here is the deal. I watched as much as I could of last years SuperBowl again tonight (mostly could only listen) because my team was playing and WON! I guess Dr. Paul Profit, forgot in all his millions makings that he might want to disclose that to be fair and honest. Funny thing about being an All-American girl and not so stupid mom after all; football players salaries (along with other sports), are out there for the public. They do stupid shit like Michael Vick did with the dog fighting, and they pay their penance to society and go on to be (so far), continuing to pay their debt. Why is it that people like Pauly Pusher of Vaccines don't suffer the same consequences.

As a former Vet Tech, I despise what Michael Vick participated in. Did he make millions? Yes, but not at the expense of animals. As an autism mom, an advocate for SAFE vaccines and choice on all fronts regarding such, and a military spouse to top it all off; given all of the above, I think Paul should have his medical license yanked, his degree yanked, and firmly believe that prison time is fully warranted. I also think he should have his millions go through the SEC. Oh wait - they missed Madoff - maybe not. VIck made his millions from honest football, not dog fighting. Pauly made his from vaccines. Need I say more?

I'm sure tomorrow or in the near future we'll hear some whining from him that yet again he's received another death threat, based on what I've said. I said what I said and that's it. And to think that our military not only protects his ass from harm; yet promotes his agenda.

I think I am going to go watch the video I posted. I know what this country was founded upon and it was freedom at HOME!!!! People like Paul are prohibiting this freedom, and I believe the Department of Defense to be doing the same by mandating a fast tracked vaccine, ummmm... the swine flu vaccine. Now go watch that video and listen to our National Anthem again, and tell me different.

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