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Is Livestock Production Industry Keeping Mercury In Vaccinations?

Posted Oct 01 2012 12:00am

Hg By Eric Uram

The latest twist in the vaccine issue now comes from efforts to "feed the planet." Not to get too far into the weeds on the connections, but currently, the pressure to maintain the approvals for using thimerosal is now also coming from pharmaceutical companies and their clients in the livestock production industry. 

In my ongoing efforts to end thimerosal use at the international level in a treaty being negotiated on mercury, I find pressure coming into the negotiations to keep thimerosal approved for use in human vaccines originating from pressure to maintain its use in animal vaccines.  The upshot in this comes from the requirement that in order to legally use thimerosal in animal vaccines, it has to be considered safe for humans as well. [1]   If taken out of human vaccines, this action would support the arguments against safety in humans.

So, in the penultimate session, the International Federation for Animal Health [2] , USDA and FDA along with other livestock production industry proponents marched in saying they need thimerosal vaccines to keep both food safe and costs down. [3]   That ending the billions of doses of thimerosal-preserved vaccines administered to animals in the USA (and even more globally) every year would cause the producers an excessive cost for doing the business of providing cheap, abundant food for everyone. 

In another twist, it appears pressure is mounting to reduce the number of approved preservatives in vaccines.  In a recent EMEA session, the European Medical Association recommended removal of 2 phenoxy-ethanol from approvals for use.  This leaves industry with few choices for vaccine preservative, and only one widely approved one - thimerosal.  So the connection comes full circle here to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and their efforts to continue to sell poison in the name of health and prosperity.

I guess it’s time we wake up to the reality that every one of these separate battles taking place is really the same war.  One for finding solutions that don’t hurt ourselves or our kids, or require our handing over hard-earned money to pay for solutions offered in the name of “improving everyone’s lives.”

Eric Uram currently serves as the Executive Director for SafeMinds.  A father, husband and weekend warrior, for almost 30 years I’ve worked from another perspective – by seeking to protect ourselves, our families and our future from excessive toxic pollution.  I now focus on the issues related to human environmental exposures to persistent pollutants that can trigger ASD as the ED for SafeMinds.

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