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is aspergers a learning disability

Posted by trouble

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Is it a learning disability in and of itself, like dyslexia?  No.  It is definitely an autism spectrum disorder. Does it cause the child to have difficulties in school?  Absolutely!

My son has Asperger's and it has given him a number of issues as he's progressed through elementary school to middle school.  He is disorganized, often misplaces his work and cannot seem to use any form of organizational system that has been provided for his assistance. He has constant outbursts/meltdowns in class. He will not learn to raise his hand and wait to be called on. He rushes through his work and refuses to check it. So often his grades are either top of the class or fails -- hardly anything inbetween. 

I can understand how the situation may first present as a learning disability.  Unfortunately, the behaviors require a much different intervention.  I would definitely recommend having the child evaluated by the school and also by a psychiatrist to get the diagnosis right. Good luck!

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