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In praise of pediatricians

Posted Feb 26 2010 3:26pm

Caught in the crossfire of the autism/vaccine debate are the pediatricians. Often the discussion of vaccines and autism devolves into insinuating that pediatricians all know about vaccines causing autism, but they make most of their much money from vaccines.

It is a disgusting lie, and one so transparent.

Maybe I have the only good pediatrician in the free world. Who knows, it could be true. But that guy has stayed with us and our kid at the hospital until midnight, stayed on the phone with the nurses until 2am, and then showed up again a 8am to review the lab tests from the previous day. On another occasion, that guy woke up every two hours through the night to check in with nurses to monitor the lab results and adjust the treatment.

It is very clear when we are in the waiting room of his office that most people there are not there for their kids vaccines. How anyone can say that pediatricians make most of their money from vaccines is beyond me. It is just so plainly, clearly a lie.

Maybe I have the only good pediatrician in the world. I kinda doubt it.

Here’s to pediatricians. They are good people fighting the good fight.

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