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If something doesn't sound right- then it probably isn't.

Posted Oct 18 2011 9:07pm
I have been battling back and forth with Tricare- and the people that make the appointment's.
Clearly there are people that work for Tricare that really don't know what they are doing- and I know how to figure that out. When they say that my son isn't in DEERS, and he is 5- I know something is wrong. (Insert lol here)

Recently I tried to make an appointment's at a certain clinic- because the one where we live is all full...and the y let me know that I couldn't make an appointment-

because I wont be prime until November first- so then I have to wait till then to make an appointment.

Well, I let the Tricare people know that today- when I went to fix the assignment problem at our local hospital.  They let me know that that is simply not true- and that I could have made an appointment.

Don't you just love it when you know that it just didn't sound right...and there wasn't much you could do about it....

Well it was wrong for them to do that- and this brings me to a point that I am clearly understanding now as I get older...If something doesn't sound probably isn't.

This is all to true when it comes to military health care.

Here is another problem we have here
A brand new hospital on base- and there aren't enough staff to handle it.
Its a ghost town at a brand new hospital. Can't get an appointment for a month an a half....

I wonder if this happens at all hospitals?

I wonder what its going to be like when I actually go to the doctor for Isaac's referrals, and let them know that we
Don't vaccinate
Don't take antibiotics
Take herbal and homeopathic medicine

The only reason why we need to go to the hospital is to get occupational and speech referrals for Isaac.

I dislike the hospital.

It makes me wonder what would happen if there was some kind of outbreak- with all the gates that this new one has, and all the security- and all the enclosures.

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