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If It’s Not One Thing It’s Another, It’s Always Something

Posted Aug 29 2009 10:28pm

27919855_scaled_345x453 Wow, what a month it has been.  After the tornado destroyed our home, we moved in with my parents and have been trying to get the rebuilding process started.  Thankfully, our new roof went on yesterday; so the house is now dry.  The next step is to obtain a building permit so we can get to work.

I’ve been meeting with contractors to get bids on the job.  As soon as we have the permits, we can get started with framing, plumbing, electrical, insulation, drywall, painting, and flooring.  Sounds easy enough when you say it like that.  Although we have been assured we won’t be in the house until January 2010.

Charlie is doing pretty darned good considering the trauma of the situation.  He made the transition to living with his grandparents fairly smoothly.  We did have a situation where he drew a picture at school:


Hmm, maybe he’s not dealing so well after all huh?  Notice God up in the clouds watching, Charlie says God is laughing at what is happening; it is raining weapons, which are killing the flowers; a tornado has torn a house in half with someone in it (Charlie’s brother Calvin was in the house during the tornado); the “evil nature woman” (Mother Nature I presume) is holding a “Wi-Fi remote control” and is “controlling the tornado”; and lastly, it is raining on a “baby taco,” we still don’t know what that one means.

The God part is my fault I suppose.  Several days after the tornado a rain storm blew through.  Charlie was looking out the window and said, “Mom, why does it rain?”  I answered automatically with, “Because God thinks the flowers and trees are thirsty I guess.”

I’m not a religious person, I just said the first thing that came to mind.  What would have been better would have been to explain the science of rain, because it’s pretty clear Charlie put two and two together and decided God thought we needed our house torn apart, and our flowers and trees destroyed.

This weighs heavily on me because I’m not one to give pat answers.  I normally give my kids the exact answer they are looking for; but in this case I was lazy and didn’t take the time to explain what should have been said.  Not that I could properly explain it, mind you… I’m suffering from tornado brain (brain is fried) and have been having a hard time stringing two words together.  I think I’m losing my words.  PTSSR:  Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Regression, or something like that.

Other than needing to process the tornado trauma, Charlie is doing really great.  He’s been struggling with severe migraines for quite some time (starting 3 years ago and escalating to debilitating over the last 6 months – with nausea and vomiting).  Dr. Krigsman finally agreed to pull the Sulfasalazine to see if it was the culprit.  Within 24 hours the nausea, which was constant, along with nightly vomiting, finally abated.  The migraines went from almost daily down to just a couple per week.

A week later a friend of mine (thanks Lynn!) suggested I take Charlie to her chiropractor to see if he could help with the migraines.  On the first visit he was able to pinpoint a tremendous amount of nerve pressure in Charlie’s neck and shoulder area, as well as a bit in the lower back.  During that visit he did three adjustments (neck, shoulder area and lower back).  That night Charlie had soreness from the adjustments, but woke up feeling great.  He was able to eat breakfast, which up to that point had been a difficult task due to nausea.

We are now going into week three of chiropractic treatments and Charlie has not had one migraine, zero nausea, and no vomiting.  Woooohooooo!!!!!

I have to be honest, I didn’t really ever have chiropractic care on my radar for Charlie because I didn’t believe it would be beneficial for him.  I was wrrrr… wrrrrrr…. wrrrrrrr…. wrong (as the Fonz used to say).  It goes without saying we will continue with this doctor, as well as keep our child away from Sulfasalazine.

My new interest is in craniosacral therapy.  I’m in the process of reading Dr. Upledger’s book, “Your Inner Physician and You” (thanks Karen!) and am greatly enjoying it, fascinating stuff.  I may pursue CT at some point in the future, depending on what I gather from my research and provided there is someone proficient locally.

Oh, and I am excited to report today was day one for Charlie on Enhansa by Lee Silsby.  I’ve been hearing nothing but good about this product and look forward to reporting the results to you all in the coming weeks.  If you don’t know about Enhansa, CLICK HERE.

Well, off to gut a bathroom at tornado central.  My mom and I were tearing up the bathroom floor and found mold (we suspect from the water that flooded our house after the roof tore off).  We are gutting the bathroom to ensure ZERO mold.

I’ll post again soon.  Until then, I wish you all peace and happiness.

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