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If It Is Mercury Poisoning...Then Why Call It AUTISM????

Posted Nov 10 2008 5:54pm
This is the question I wanted answered on the AW Forum. But, instead of anybody answering me, they all busted a gut and gave some sarcastic comments.
My question to parent's who believe their children can be recovered or defeated or cured from Autism is this....Did they have Autism to begin with? If mercury poisoning is real, then the numbers of autism would decrease and make more sense.
There are parent's who truly believe their children were poisoned by the mercury in the vaccinations they received. To me, that child would not have true autism, but autistic tendencies due to mercury poisoning....totally different diagnosis.
I have met parent's who label their children with autism and an array of other disorders....OCD, ADHD, ADD, Bi-polar....
With autism comes many facets. 3 of our children are very OCD, but they are not OCD, they are AUTISTIC. 1 of our sons is extrememly hyperactive, but he does not have ADHD, he is AUTISTIC. These are some of the tendencies that come with the label of Autism.

So if any parent out there wants to remove the sarcasm and debate this with me, I would love it. If not, then I assume you have no answers for me.
It is not really that difficult to get an autism diagnosis these days. Alot of children fit into the spectrum, because they have made the spectrum so broad. If doctors would just get back to the basics of autism, the spectrum would close.
But, as you and I know, there is way too much money to be made from parent's of austistic children wanting to Defeat, Cure or Recover them. How else can they justify having a grocery cart icon on their websites?
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