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I tested each BOSS 2 more periods

Posted Feb 04 2013 7:12am
4 excellent Manager test: purchase of HC Manzi I almost synchronous training a STD of Manzi. I tested each BOSS 2 more periods, so, I would be more assurance enjoying HC. After all, the top stage beat left Manager room go to get out.

Do not start the box: often some bins, you start out a bunch of unusual very carefully pressed Determine Penis soft silk, which is very undesirable. Generally experience these bins the character will teleprompter, such as "dangerous temptation" to hear that you is not going to start. These bins as far as I remember, the second act haven under a street mild, the second act of key collection, Act III battleground, massive pit.

6, some of the fault I quit or should pay interest to:

Illusion of a large strange: for example, a fire-breathing creature in it all act, third act Daolang, Act II underground room walk around (as far as I know the blood vessels experience if the count dead body system in the cargo), rock layer jail and Act II key collection. This unusual mother transfiguration, not leap or charge abilities, even escape escape to. General moreover to the people of the rock, the other two are straight cover up.

Blue fat: the third act, one look at its coquettish take position, destroy the pig's peaceful, I come to air, and then the one on the protect, the destroy was a lengthy project. Encounter blue-fat, I can cover up the cover up.
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