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I No Longer Hear My Autistic Son's Voice When Autism Speaks

Posted Aug 14 2010 3:48am
I  was once very impressed with Autism Speaks. My son Conor, with Autistic Disorder, severely autistic,   wore an Autism Speaks cap and my vehicle had an Autism speaks sticker near my licence plate. In the ongoing struggle by parents pushing for a cure for autism disorders Autism Speaks was a powerful voice.  It now looks, increasingly, as though Autism Speaks has become at best a professional charity seeking to placate all without any consideration given to its guiding principles and how they are impacted by some of those they embrace with open arms.   

Two of those with whom Autism Speaks engages are Jon Elder Robison and Alex Plank both of whom oppose the concept of curing autism which is, in theory, one of Autism Speaks guiding principles. Mr. Robison to his credit is generally polite, if disdainful about curing autism. Mr. Plank however hosts a forum, Wrong Planet, in which anything goes in attacking people seeking to cure autism. 

Parents seeking to help their autistic children, particularly parents of severely autistic children, should begin reconsidering their support for Autism Speaks. Alex Plank and Jon Elder Robison, two very high functioning persons with Aspergers are the new voices of Autism Speaks? The Wrong Planet hosted by Mr. Plank posts offensive remarks about parents and those seeking cures. It recently posted comments that were depraved and disrespectful concerning the passing of Dr. Ivar Lovaas who did so much to help autistic children. Following is a capture of and a link to some of the   disgusting commentary from Mr Plank's Wrong Planet on the death of Dr. Lovaas:

This father of a 14 year old son , severely affected by Autistic Disorder,  no longer hears his voice when Autism Speaks.
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