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I just voted online in the elect ...

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:12am

I just voted online in the election of national Sierra Club board members. That organization is having a rip-roarin' internal dispute between the powers-that-be and an unusual coalition of vegans, animal-rights extremists, and anti-immigration types. There are a number of "petition candidates" in the running, some of whom are part of the coalition and some of whom are running to warn members against voting for the coalition. For instance, the Director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Morris Dees, is a candidate. Dees isn't asking for any votes; he just wants S.C. members to vote against the anti-immigration people. The ballot contains an "urgent election notice" from the current board, indicating that certain nutjob organizations are intervening in the election. There are even some white supremecist organizations on the list. Boring old Randy voted for the establishment candidates.

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