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I hate the Autism logo and other things I dont understand

Posted Jan 27 2009 5:07pm 1 Comment
And before anyone ask no I DO NOT have and problem with the Ribbons or Puzzle peices.

Ok my husband always laughs when I tend to get this really puzzled looked on my face when a person makes a statement to me that I really dont understand. Or one that just seems silly and should have never been spoken in the first place. Well last week I was on this forum and this question was posed to the group.

"Anyone else take issue with the puzzle piece?" and when I saw this (insert my expression here lol)
Some of the responses by parents (yes that free freedom of speech thing again) just made me laugh while others made me want to reach my hand through the computer screen and pop said person in the head and say "wake up" the orginal posters reasoning for not likeing the puzzle piece or ribbon was I think that a puzzle is a gross oversimplification of the autism epidemic. I guess it's an image used for impact, like the Coke symbol. It's a marketing ploy for the masses? (rolling eyes here)

The orginal ribbon logo was said to have been used first by the UK's Nationals Autistic Society but was
later dumped after a few years for "people" considered it offensive. A lot of parents are upset for they feel their kids are not puzzles and should not be repersented as such. But to me I beleive the puzzle peice repersents that Autism is the background and the Puzzle Pieces are the many factors or theories that have been said to cause Autims as well as the many other special needs that come along with.

Such as Seizures, GF/CF/ diet, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, PDD etc.

One such poster replied " think it's nice that autism has a symbol, though don't personally love the puzzle piece. I don't think the cause is so puzzling. It's environmental triggers combined with genetic susceptibility. Since these kids are poisoned, I think a more appropriate symbol would be a skull and crossbones. (I know this may offend some people's sensibilities, but sometimes the truth is not pretty.)"
Needless to say some of the words that was use to put this person in his place were not pretty. I mean come on people sometimes duct tape does come in handy.

Another person sigh posted this message which once again made me take a deep breath and shiver
I HATE the "puzzle piece."

Non-autistics thought they had the right to sit down by themselves and design something to "stand for" autistic folks, without giving autistics ANY participation in the design/approval/marketing process ... rather as if Americans one day designed to sit down and make up a new flag for England (as a symbol of how much they "loved" England, or whatever)

Even if the non-autistics designing a symbol "about" us (WITHOUT us!) had come up with something wonderful, just the fact that they didn't even include in the process *the* *folks* *they* *actually* *claim* *they* *want* *to* *help* would make the symbol an insult.

NObody, anywhere, has the right (or should even regard it as "charitable") to come up to another person and say: "Here, honey, here is YOUR special symbol that WE have designed to mean YOU! Pin it on -- you've got to love it, because WE love YOU so much that we didn't even check with you to see what you might feel about the symbol we have decided is 'yours'!"

This is just a classic case of somebody wanting to have something to post.

So finally I had to put in my two cents worth of posting

Ok I had to really think about this before I responded. And maybe its just me but I dont really see the big issue in the dislike over a ribbon. For me the colors repersent the fact that Autism dosent discriminate meaning it effects kids that turn into adults of all races. I have two braclets one my kids gave me one a friend from Canada sent me along with a mug. I designed a T-shirt with my groups name on it along with the ribbbon in the middle.

When people stop and ask me about it I proudly tell them about my son Eric and how far he has come. I tell them about Autism you know why? It's because they need to be aware, if people can walk around with the symbols of Child abuse, AID/HIV, Domestic Violence and not be ashamed or hate what it "stands for" then how come we cant do the same. Not liking this ribbon or puzzle peice is not going to make our kids AUTISM go away.

I often say Autism is like a video game, each age level bring about a different challenge. No you dont have to like Autism I sure as heck dont, but I dont love my son any less due to the fact he has it. Matter of fact I love him so much more. I love him for what Autism has taught me

1. I am not as special as I thought I was.

2. I am more humble.

3.I am more patience.

4. I have read more in my son's 13 years of life then I have in my 42 years of my own.

5. That God knew what he was doing in a way, to keep me focus for he knew my father's time was coming to and end, and my world would fall apart without him. So he sent me a son a year before my dad died, and he came with special instructions which some parents may call a curse, but I see it as a way of keeping me alive.

Yes I know our kids have so so much to deal with, besides Autism my son has Asthma almost died at 8 months, then the Absence Seizures on meds for that. I have to deal with peopel dont know the IEP laws from a hole in the ground, I deal with teachers that dont want him in their classroom, I deal with adults that have FOUK (FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN WHICH IS AUTISM). So when they happen to see my braclets, or my t-shirt and ask me I will tell them proudly. Yes my son has Autism but AUTISM dosent have him.

So for all of you complainers stop for a min and ask yourself this question. If they stop using the puzzle peice or the ribbon both which use the many colors you all dispise and pick something else will that cure your child or help your child to recover from Autism? If they take away the puzzle peice will that make your son/daughter Autism go away?

If a person that had Autism designed the Autism logo
that suited "your standards will that reverse the damage that Autism has already done? Will it stop your child/children from having to use the GF/CF diets, will it stop their stimming, sensory issues, stop the Occupational/ Physical/ Speech Therapies? Will it stop the dreaded IEP. Make the teachers that dont want to teach our kids, Make them accept them more?

If the answers to all of these questions is NO, then I think you need to stop the moaning and get back on whats more important. Finding a way to make your son/daughters life to be as normal as it possibly can be.

Once again the Autism logos only bring awareness to our childrens cause. It does not define who or what your son/daughter is.

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I stumbled upon your post on accident.  When I saw the subject line I rolled my eyes, but it intrigued me so I read on.  I just had to let you know that I totally and completely loved your post and I couldn't agree more.  I, too, have an almost 12 year old son with autism.  Amen, sister, and keep fighting the good fight for your son.  I know you will!
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