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I am not the boss!

Posted Jan 09 2010 11:22am
Ok, this sounds like a husband and wife issue. Really, it isn't (because I am the boss! hahahaha just kidding honey!). Anyway, this is the newest together RDI objective that we are working on with Logan.

I am so blessed to be able to use Madison to work on some of these objectives with him. Working on these while using her also helps to foster a sense of togetherness between them. They learn how to get along better. Madison learns how to help Logan and Logan learns how to respond better to her and other children. Win-win for everyone.

The meat of this objective is to learn that Logan doesn't need to control every situation. He needs to be sure that his partner aka Madison has a meaningful role. That means that she is not sitting there watching Logan do it and he listens and considers her ideas.

I am going to set this up in a number of ways.
  1. There was only one activity book for the 50 State Friday lesson. They are going to look at it and do some of the activities together. This is successful if Logan lets her choice one of the activities and lets her help in doing any activity. It may need scaffolding in that I have to suggest that Madison has an idea. It may not. I'm going to let it go on its own first then scaffold as necessary.
  2. I am going to set out a variety of activities for them to choose from like jigsaw puzzles, arts and crafts etc.
  3. I need to do a better job of spotlighting when they do this successfully.

That is our plan for fostering the sibling relationship this week. I am a firm believer that you have to foster a sense of friendship between siblings. A sense of togetherness. A sense if we are in this together and I got your back no matter what. That takes work to get to that relationship and that is what I miss most in my relationship with my siblings.

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