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I am looking for alternate foods and exercises to stimulate the speech reactor in a 6 year old non-verbal girl's brain. She has

Posted by Belinda Dixon

She has said a few sentences over the last 4 years. Usually brought on by dramatically changing her diet, detox, changing her diet back to normal from non gluten,wheat, dairy.

something triggers her speech by dramatic change. she normally doesn't even have a word but when we have shocked her system she volunteers a full sentence.

Any thoughts? 

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There are several articles under the Autism & Autism Spectrum Community. Here is a sample with useful information regarding the 6 year old girl's diet:, (discussing the possible success of a ketogenic diet), and (with evidence of the gluten-free, casein-free diet succeeding). I suggest you explore more of the community for the advice that other members can offer you.
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