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I am concerned about a friend's child. Her little girl hardly ever responds when I say her name. She doesn't cry when her parent

Posted by jeep girl

  her little girl, has hardly every responded when, i have said her name. when her parents have left her in the nursery at church, she has never cried. i have hardly ever seen her smile. she walks on her tiptoes and every time her mom would sing this specific song-she breaks out in hysterical crying and screaming.. which, she can listen to other music.. and just her reactions to the things are very different then most children, i have seen. ( i am a mother of 2). i don't want to butt, into their business, but, i am very concerned.. i don't know what to do?
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This sounds very much like my daughter with autism. Perhaps you could direct mom's attention to a news story or some neutral source about autism, and gently ask if she's spoken about her child's development with her doctor. I know yesterday there was a big story about how affluent, educated parents have more kids diagnosed with autism than any other group--but that's probably because they have the resources to follow up with doctors, treatments, etc. Perhaps your friend doesn't have a doctor, or could use some direction about where to find help. The sooner autistic children get treatment, the better off they are in the long run--if she does have autistic tendencies, you don't want to wait! Hopefully your friend will see that you are trying to help, not trying to interfere.
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