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I am autism video removed from Autism Speaks’ website…or is it?

Posted Sep 28 2009 10:12pm

I am not fond of the Autism Speaks video, “I am Autism”. I think I’ve made that clear.

I was heartened to hear that Autism Speaks had removed it from their website. That moment was short lived.

Over at Whose Planet Is It Anyway?, abfh has noted that Autism Speaks has posted an email that has been sent out to a number of people who complained about the video:

Dear [name],

Thank you very much for sending me your letter and telling me about your perspective and feelings regarding the “I Am Autism” video. I understand and respect your perspective and I am truly sorry that the film offended you. The video was not intended to reflect Autism Speaks broader viewpoint or attitude toward persons with autism spectrum disorder. Rather, it was created by two fathers of children with autism – Billy Mann, a Grammy-nominated songwriter, music producer and Autism Speaks board member, and Alfonso Cuarón, an Academy award-nominated film director. It is based on a personal poem written by Mr. Mann. It is an intensely personal expression by these two fathers. It was their hope that the piece would inspire other voices and artists in the autism community. It has greatly offended some people, however, and we have removed it from our website.

Again, thank you for writing to me and sharing your thoughts. You can rest assured that I will continue to advocate for a respectful and compassionate attitude and support for persons with autism spectrum disorder.


Geri Dawson

But, as abfh notes, the video is still on the Autism Speaks website.

If you want further reading—here are the sites from the first page of a google search for “I am autism”.

Asperger Square 8

I Speak of Dreams

Protesting Autism Speaks “I am Autism” Video | Facebook

THE NEW REPUBLIC: I Am Autism Speaks

I am Autism Controversial Video Disability Videos

I Am Autism Speaks

There is a page with a blog post that has a similar sentiment to the Autism Speaks video, but that predates the Autism Speaks video by quite some time.

I Speak of Dreams has a running list of blog posts about this.

(note, some minor corrections were made after this was published)

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