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I’m a Christmas person

Posted Dec 22 2010 4:41pm

As some holidays have past and more are soon to come, I have to out myself: I am a Christmas person.

I would put myself more in the Christmas Tree and Santa camp:

Rather than the baby Jesus and midnight mass camp:

Hanukkah recently came and went recently:

But even after Christmas we still have Kwanza to look forward to

Some may call Kwanza a “made up” holiday. Guess what, all holidays are “made up”.

The Winter Solstice has been a reason to gather and celebrate probably since before all the other “major” holidays.

And, there are many who don’t celebrate at this time of year at all.

We don’t have to think alike. We don’t have to believe alike. We don’t have to celebrate alike. There is a certain beauty and value in that.

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