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Hunan institutions are open new personnel recruitment treatment with sloping fixed

Posted Nov 09 2012 6:58am

For a long time, the business unit have been used for party and government organs  Cheap Beats By Dre  staff management measures. With the deepening of the reforms, the original business unit personnel management mode have been unable to fully meet the social development need, there is the administrative personnel management way, the employing mechanism is flexible, identity the system of life tenure, the efficiency is not high.

"Institutions post setting management, is a career unit staff from identity management to post management a significant step forward, broke the business unit staff identity the system of life  Cheap Beats By Dre  tenure." Provincial people club hall institution administration relevant controller introduces, at present, our province 75% of institutions and 85% of the staff of practice, the province this year institutions open recruitment of 20000 people, the province-owned institutions complete competition mount guard over 10000, total amount of talents has reached 4.92 million, with 2007 an increase of 1.22 million people.

It is reported, from December 1 to start the day, our province will launch a new round of institutions employ reform, this will certainly will break cadres and workers identity restriction, promote the unit by fixed employing steering contract employing, from identity management to post management, achieve personnel can on, treatment can high-energy low.

About the open recruitment

New staff are open recruitment, treatment with sloping fixed

In the past, the institution of a post grades and salary is united in wedlock together, treatment with people walk. In the future, the post merit pay after carrying out, and post together, outstanding jobs and job performance in the role of income distribution, treatment with sloping fixed.

Talk about the business unit employment reform involves the core content, province people club hall said, the future business unit new personnel, in addition to the national policy for the cadre and personnel management, according to the higher authority appointment and being handled.the position etc really need to use other means outside the selection and appointment of personnel, all implement open recruitment, and must be able to process information is public, the openness, the results public.

According to the related regulations, the future our province each business units  beats by dre cheap  must form a fixed position of, all position competition mount guard, career enrolled personnel competition to which post, just sign which positions, salary follow post go. "This means that the institution from outside the province, provincial institutions from cities and counties, districts and counties, villages and towns of institutions from the villages and towns government institutions work personnel supplementary business unit personnel, it must, in accordance with the" public, equality, competition, preferential principle of "public hiring." Related to the personage inside course of study says.

"The main hall class of the university President, ZhengChuJi hospital director, so that with an administrative means of appellation will gradually become history. Instead post level, such as one of the main hall class  beats by dre cheap  university President in the management post corresponding is level 3 staff." Provincial people club hall introduction, our province institutions post will be divided into management positions, professional and technical posts and those logistics skills post three categories.

The management job is divided into eight grade, the institution current departmental reeling out, a deputy head, place class reeling out, place class deputy head, middle-level reeling out, middle-level deputy head clerk, the clerk, corresponding management post three to ten level staff post;

Professional technical position is divided into 13 level, senior post points 7 level, intermediate position points 3 levels, primary post points 3 levels;

Those logistics skills post including technical work post and direct labor posts, including technical work post is divided into 5 levels, namely one to fresh, respectively with the existing senior engineer, technician, senior worker worker, intermediate work, the primary work corresponds.

As we have learned, our province institutions post setting management unit including our province to social public welfare purposes, by the national authorities or other organizations held by state-owned assets held, into the agency and staffing department management, shall be registered according to law (record) business unit, including mainly by financial appropriation, partly by financial support and funding self-care institution. Use career preparation of all kinds of society, association, the foundation will implement post setting management.

Personnel an object to include to establish human relations, enrolled in-service staff.

However, approval according to the civil servant law of the People's Republic of China ", management institution, society, all kinds of enterprise subordinate institutions and institutions subordinate enterprise of independent accounting and have the business unit for the conversion of the enterprise unit, not into the post setting management.

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