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Posted Apr 01 2009 2:52pm
Wow. That was intense.
And after all that- my doctor gave me one Vicodin "to go".
I ended up calling her begging for something because I was sure I was close to dying.

From my experience (had the ablation done in the office/clinic), and from friends who have had theirs done in the hospital- it all sucks either way. My cervix was uncooperative (go figure), so the dilation hurt like a biatch, on top of the ablation itself.
But it's over, and I'm done. I'm glad I did it, and hopefully I'm one of the 80% it works for.
It definitely is intense- but if you can suck up one day of pain, it could absolutely be worth it.

For anyone who doesn't know what an ablation is- they cauterize your uterine lining.
Like burn the biatch off. Yes, really.
Why would anyone want to have that done? 3 simple words, my friend.
No more periods.

Anyway- I am much better today.
Jaysen has been a saint.
When he got home from school yesterday, he could see I was in a significant amount of pain, and was afraid to touch me. I told him a hug would make me feel better, so he gave my outstretched arm a squeeze.

When I was napping, he would come over every 20 minutes or so, pat my head gently and say "I t's okay Mommy, your huggy-bear is here".

I love that kid so much.
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