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How to Keep Your Dell 6T087 Laptop Battery in Good Condition?

Posted Mar 19 2014 10:59am

Dell 6T087 Laptop Batterybasically comes in two types of batteries to choose from. The first type comes in a 6 cell (Li-ion Battery) that has a voltage capability of 14.8v at a weight of 310.24 grams.It requires power capacity at around 5200mA. It comes in dark grey and can be charged continuously for long hours even without the need to plug the computer. The second type of battery comes in a Ni-MH battery that has a voltage capacity of 9.6v at a weight of approximately 640 grams. The required power capacity comes at 4500Ma. Just like the first type, both batteries come in the basic grey color.


Battery for Dell 6T087 carries a distinct quality from one another and cannot be switched unless the laptop is re-configured to accept other types of battery combination. However, you can choose to upgrade the settings or your laptop to accept another type of battery that is otherwise required by the manufacturer. If you feel that upgrading your laptop battery will provide longer running time for your laptop use for work or at play, do so as long as the battery chemistry is supported and applicable for your preference.


Dell 6T087 adapter and the Dell 6T087 Laptop Battery is the perfect combination to assure the best and reliable performance from your laptop. Here are four proven and effective ways to keep your laptop battery in good shape at all times and to maximize its ultimate performance.


4 Tips to Optimize Your Laptop Battery Use

1. Always keep the Dell 6T087 battery clean. Regularly clean it with a piece of cotton that is swabbed in a little bit of alcohol. Wipe all over the external part. Doing so will help keep the connection improved between the battery and the laptop while in use


2. Keep it healthy by allowing it to fully charge and discharge at least once every two weeks. Avoid having the memory effect by letting it lose its charge on its own before charging it again for a full load. It is not applicable for the Li-ion battery type as it is not capable to retain its memory effect.


3. Give your battery its needed “exercise”. Do not allow it to become dormant or “unused” for a long period of time. Try to use the laptop on battery power alone at least once every two weeks.


4. Properly store your laptop battery and Dell 6T087 adapter. It should be kept in a cool, dry, place, far from any metal objects or direct exposure to sunlight. If it happens that your battery was left unused for a long period perform the first two steps and fully charge the batteries before using it again in your laptop.

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