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Honesty is a vertue or is it?

Posted Nov 17 2008 6:15pm
Does my bum look big in this?

Apparently lying is good for us, it has proven psychological benefits

“In moral terms, honesty is without doubt a virtue, and dishonesty is a vice. But in social terms, absolute honesty can lead to trouble, risking causing offense to others who may not want or need to hear the complete truth. White lies may be desirable .” I Cannot Tell a Lie - what people with autism can tell us about honesty By Simon Baron-Cohen

'Autistic people find it hard to lie and find it difficult to tell if you are deceiving them, as they are literal thinkers.' But I know autistic people who are really good at lying! So am a bit confused on this point.

I’m not good a big lies. But little white ones I'm an expert! When someone asks me how I am I nearly always say, 'I'm fine thanks.' Even if I have spent half the night cleaning shit off the ceiling, and trying to advert a head banging frenzy, I've had to throw away my latest culina ry master piece that I really thought he would eat this time, or trying not to be upset when I have heard someone mutter something derogatory about my son as they walk past. And Ive had only 4 hours sleep in 2 days. I’ve just found it easier to smile and say I’m fine!

How To Spot a Liar:

1. No eye contact. His eyes will look away. If the room has a means of egress - that's where they'll look.
2. Crossing of arms and/or legs (a protective instinct).
3. The pupils of the eyes will narrow. Lying is stressful.
4. Hands on the face, especially the mouth. They are "covering" the lie.
5. Talking fast. A liar wants to get it over with.
6. Sometimes the head will nod a "no" when answering a "yes" question or visa versa. This is a subconscious movement.
7. Mispronouncing the words or mumbling. A liar kind of thinks he is not lying when he pronounces words incorrectly or mumbles.
8. Overstated friendliness/laughing. He wants you to believe and he wants you to like him so you will believe him.
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