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Posted Oct 17 2013 4:05pm
Joey has a lot of trouble producing language on his own. Like Mrs. Who , Joey's speech is mostly quoted from elsewhere. I think often people is just how much Joey relies on scripted language to get through, and think he speaks a lot better than he actually can; but it is still quite noticeable that he has trouble with language.

So the teacher thought it appropriate to send home a worksheet where Joey had to change "Plain Jane" sentences into "fancy" sentences. This would require Joey to make up his own language, based on a sentence given- a task that is, to be frank, impossible for him. I braced for the screaming, but he happily looked over the sheet, and selected it as one he would do this evening (they sent home 6 sheets and a math project- we are NOT getting through all that today). Pleasantly surprised, I said ok, and braced again. But he started right in on it.

And here, folks, is Joey's interpretation of his homework sheet

Hey, he made 'em fancy, yes?

Published by Joey's permission. 
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