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Posted Oct 30 2007 12:00am

I seem to get homesick this time of must be the holidays coming up that makes me that way.

The above picture is The grandparent's owned almost 400 acres in the Arcadia Valley in Missouri...the woods butted up against part of Mark Twain National Forest. Even though The Farm was sold 25 years ago, I can close my eyes and picture every detail like it was today.

The bottom right of the picture you can just make out the ring where we rode the horses when we weren't on trail rides. My grandmother would sit in the jeep, gin and tonic in hand, and yell out commands to us. MAKE THAT HORSE CANTER! PUT THAT HORSE IN HER PACE!
We spent every Thanksgiving and New Year's at The Farm...all the aunts and uncles and cousins...that is until the separate families started creating new traditions and my grandfather decided it was time to sell...I still dream about the farm...such vivid dreams...that my grandparents are still alive and it is my job to set the house back to rights...

I have been back to Arcadia (Hickory Hill was the name Daddy Maury gave The Farm...he fancied himself on par with the Kennedy's I suppose)...the land has been subdivided and new houses have been built.

The barn is still there though, and the lake, and of course the beautiful trees that turned every shade of orange and red and yellow this time of year...

So many memories! Such good times! Thank you Daddy Maury and Justine for all the memories.

a couple of other Farm pics that I have on my computer...

This is the famous pink jeep...I learned how to drive the jeep for real around 13...

And this is my beautiful mother holding me at Easter

And my wonderful grandmother, Justine...yes, she is smoking, yes, she is giving me a sip of gin and yes those are rib bones on my shoulder.
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