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Homeschooling with Autism: Day 4 Don't sweat the where

Posted Oct 04 2011 11:19pm
Yesterday we talked about ways to get our fidgety children to sit still long enough to get a lesson done .  Focus and attention are crucial for learning especially when it's a together project.  Now let's focus on the where do lessons take place.

Some work can be done independently.  I generally give the children free reign to do those lessons wherever they choose.  I keep myself available to them for help if they need it but generally these lessons are done on their own.  They then return their work to their boxes for me to check later.

Logan likes to multi task and do his physical therapy while reading one of his many assigned books.  He gets books for just about every subject.  There is no shortage of something that needs reading.  I say if he can walk on the treadmill and read, so be it.  I personally couldn't do it .  I would fall off for sure. Of course, the entire family would be present to see the fall.  Isn't that always the case?

I don't know how to describe Madison.  She can often be found hanging upside down from something.  This is her backwards in the recliner doing her math.  Yes, backwards.  I say if it gets the work done then I don't care how she sits in the chair.

This goes for read a loud time too.  If she wants to hang upside down while I read or we listen to an audio book then that is her choice.  I do give her things to keep her still like I mentioned yesterday but she can be in any position that she wants. If we had an indoor trampoline then that would work for her  too.  The sad part is that she is not my child with autism.  :)  Anyway, don't think that you can't do a lesson because your child won't or can't be still.

Then  there are  days that we  have to tote our work along to therapy appts.  If you have a child with any sort of special needs then you have therapy appts.  Some days it feels like all you do is go from appt to appt.   This week alone, Madison toted her read a loud and Bible work to hippotherapy . We've been known to break out the art set to do picture narration in the middle of the waiting room at physical therapy or do our recitations in the parking lot. Bring what needs to be done and do it while you wait. It helps to pass the time quicker while either waiting for your turn or while waiting for the sibling to come out. Now, I do tend to have Madison bring something that she will need minimal assistance from me. The reasoning behind that is I like to watch what they are working on with Logan. This way , we can work on it at home as well. If I am unsure of what they are doing, I'd rather ask while they are doing it than later. Therapists love me. That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

Lessons can be completed anywhere.  Yes, there are times when you need them to sit and listen .  But there are also times when the where doesn't matter.  All that matters is that it gets done. Don't get so boxed into the model of children sitting primly around the table doing lessons that you frustrate yourself.  Open up to the possibility that lessons can be done in a variety of places!

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