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Home Sweet Home

Posted Mar 10 2010 5:13pm
It wasn't that long ago, circa 2006 - I couldn't even go for a walk around the block without Rogan literally hyperventilating about me leaving. "Mom, don't go! When will you be back? Where are you going? Don't leave Mom! DON'T GO!!!" Taking him to school was an issue - every. single. day. It was horrible.

Now? Last Friday, I left for Washington DC. I had a conference for work. Rogan was sad. But he didn't cry. He told me he'd miss me. But he didn't cry. He asked who would give him his nightly backscratches. But he didn't cry.

He called me several times while I was gone, just to tell me about his day. He'd fill me in on his daily game shows and quiz me on some trivia. He'd update me on The Biggest Loser. He'd just generally chat. But he didn't cry.

I got home today. My flight was scheduled to return around midnight, but I was able to catch an earlier flight. I walked into Rogan's room, where he was laying on his bed, playing PS2. "Surprise!!!"

"MOM - YOU'RE HOME," he cried. Literally, he started to cry.

"Rogan, what's wrong?" I asked, worried and wondering if something happened at school today.

"Nothing Mom," he sniffed.

"Then Rogan, why are you crying?"

Sniff sniff. "Tears of joy, Mom."
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