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Here are the instructions for th ...

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:34pm

Here are the instructions for this week’s questions: Let’s talk relationships!  Pick a relationship.  Either your current one, or a significant past one (You needn’t be specific…) .

1. How did you meet?  We met during my last year of college and had our first date a week before I graduated.

2. Was it lust at first sight?  There was definitely a spark of interest and a desire to get to know each other better.

3. Were they currently available?  Yes.

4. How important is physical attraction?  You need it, but it is not more important than other areas.

5. How important is intellectual attraction?  For me, it is very important that you be intellectually compatible.

6. How long until you had sex?  Our wedding night.

7. Is this/was this the love of your life?  Yes, most definitely.  Despite our ups and downs, we are committed to each other for life.

8. Were they faithful?  Yes.

9. Were you faithful?  Yes.

Visit Saturday 9 to find more participants and join in on the fun!

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