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Help Wanted: Talking Head

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:52pm
Dear David Byrne,

Did you really mean it when you wrote:
And if so, do you feel like a burden on society? A "scourge" or a catastrophe? Hey, me neither! And there is a large and growing community of people like us, perfectly fine with being who we are. Many, like you, are writers, artists, thinkers, and yes, we can speak for ourselves. The thing is, it's hard to be heard over the screeches of cure charities like Autism Speaks. They have a lot of money and the ear of the media, and many celebrity spokespersons, none of whom knows a thing about being autistic. And they are saying we shouldn't exist. No more like me or like you should be born. And even if we do get to take up space on earth, we should surely learn to behave ourselves like normal folks. Do you see the problem here?
So are you one of us? Or did you start a conversation you can't even finish?
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