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Helmet fitting - stage 2

Posted Nov 17 2008 6:15pm
When i am stressed my jaw and neck aches. Over the last few days it has been really bad so I have been wandering around with a cork in my mouth! A friend of mine told me about this, and it does seem to help a bit. But the bottle is rather heavy!

Today I am meeting C and his staff at the hospital for another helmet fitting with the orthotist. From their measurements from last time (cant quite see how they got any!) a prototype will have been made, if it fits, it then goes back and be covered in leather.
C do esn’t like his head being touched. Hair washing, hair cutting etc is not an easy task. Its taken years to get C used to having things on his head. We started with a ski band, then a woolly hat, and on to a baseball cap. All of which he takes off when he bangs his head (which is very often). And recently we have been trying with a rugby helmet bought off the peg - he is not happy with it. It doesn’t fit very well, and covers his ears, as you know he likes his fingers in his ears all the time, so its getting covered in food (and other things) . Since wearing this (when you can get it on) he has been hitting himself more on his chest and back, Which are now permanently bruised. But for me at least his head is having some rest, and hopefully able to heal a bit as its not looking good.
Hopefully this new helmet as it is custom made for him will be more comfortable and he will have easy access to his ears.

So another traumatic hospital visit, but this time I am bringing C home early for half term. Last time I had to leave him and he so obviously wanted to come with me. :(

Well had better go and catch my train, and must remember to take the cork out of my mouth!

Oh have you seen Clear Blue Water by Karen Montague-Reyes, which sometimes features a young autistic boy who headbangs!
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