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Have You Kept Your Child's Autism a Secret?

Posted Sep 06 2009 12:00am

Shshsh By Kim Stagliano

Have you kept your child's autism a secret? Perhaps you lurk on groups and post on blogs under a pseudonym so as to keep your child's diagnosis private. I came across an article on titled, Disclosing the Best Kept Secret of Autism.

There are parents who choose not to tell people about their child's diagnosis. I would assume it depends on severity or how likely the child is to interact with a certain group, like your co-workers. For some it's a privacy issue. For others, they might want to avoid discrimination. For a few (a rare few, I hope) it may be the "stigma."  I'm sure the reasons are intensely personal.

I met a high powered publishing executive whose son has autism (not Asperger's) and who told me she had not told anyone at work. I know of a family who sent their child to a camp for neurotypical kids and did not tell the s taff about the child's (readily apparent) autism.

What's your opinion?

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism and Mom to three beautiful daughters with autism.

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