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Happy Halloween - a special day in more ways than one

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:02pm

The kids and me had loads of fun yesterday!! Middle son had his first ever Trick or Treating! He was very excited and managed to get lots of sweets. Fun was had all around. The boys normally go to there dads on a Saturday, but the football was on and that was obviously more important than seeing the boys. Again his loss.

Earlier on in the day Lou had a school friend around. And we witnessed some amazing moments. Her friend has tuberous sclerosis . He is verbal and has a lot more understanding than Lou. He happily played with middle son. But what was amazing was how Lou reacted when he came in. She kept looking at him, this is rare. She must have recognised him from school, she smiled lots. And for a couple of fleeting moments she touched his face. But best of all she gave him a cuddle!!! She doesn't do this with middle son, perhaps because he is a tad 'in your face'. She hasn't done this with any other children. She disappeared upstairs as things were perhaps getting too much for her. But yesterday was a very special day.

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