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Growing up with Harry: Goodbye Midnight Magic Party

Posted Jul 21 2007 12:00am

stuff 006
Last night we celebrated the end of an era.

Well, okay I stood in line like a zombie who was up way past her bedtime oblivious to the sentiment I should’ve been feeling and slightly irritated by being surrounded by entirely too many people.

The realization this was the end of the Harry era (you know the era that launched a billion kids to read?) was prompted by my good friend who stood in line with me.

Instead of zooming from activity table to activity table, to make a golden snitch or get a lightening zag painted on their forehead, our kids stood around and chatted about the Potter series, movies, comics, and comedians. Sure there were some guffaws and silliness to be had, but it was different.

Jay wasn’t dressed up like he was for the book releases in 2003 or 2005. Gone was the wizard cape, the Harry glasses and the fake white owl perched on his shoulder. This year he didn’t even wear a scarf or wish he brought a broom.

stuff 007 stuff 008

Picture 007

He was there, with me, dressed in street clothes, watching the clock ‘til midnight.

We weren’t the only ones who lost some of the dress-up magic. A look at the rest of the crowd showed some small kids in character, but the all-things-Harry night seemed a bit muggle-ish overall.

jay 045

However, the cheer at midnight would rival any New Year’s party. So there was still excitement … and horror. Someone left playing cards around the store with a spoiler written on it.

Once we purchased the book Jay and I immediately left for our car. We didn’t linger and gleam looking at the booking and chat excitedly to other folks about how fast we were going to read it.

Before we could make it out the doors, Jay stopped me and said, “Mom, take a picture of me with Servius.”

jay 051

After we were done with that, out the door and almost off the sidewalk Jay stopped me again. “Mom get my picture with Dumbledore.”

jay 052

Dumbledore? Wait I thought he was dead. Well I guess they loved the wizardy-white beard enough to bring him back. (Unless he’s back in the book and not really dead as I suspected. Zoinks! Now I got to read the book to find out.)

After that we dodged news camera cords, people and headed home.

Goodbye Harry Midnight Madness. It was fun reading you grow in your wizardy world up while Jay grew up in our world.

Will there ever be madness over a another children’s book series? I hope so. Writing and parenting beyond the norm.
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