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Green unlined upper garment army even fold, how again? Truth: I am who dare to

Posted Mar 11 2013 3:22am
cornerstone to win. Whenever someone asked about the shooting, he always said to be patient, feel and believe yourself can find offensive. "I fear too? I feel very good, just some shots is not so good luck." Pierce says. Subsequently lost rondo, Mr Lin Jie, Paul Pierce and Kevin garnett (microblogging) two people will almost apart of the team, together again, send a new challenge to the other team. "We were two way, or really grumpy vent first then wait for the slowly fall, or stay calm to continue to do what we were supposed to do," Pierce said, "and only the second option can make us as a team, the Nike Air Max 2012 so-called misfortune into opportunities, and make good use of to prove others are wrong." Pearce admitted that when Boston media and ESPN, yahoo! Sports agency announced the celtics after death, the mood of the dressing room is also frustrated. "We really Nike Air Max 2010 heard so much about rondo and Lin Jie down, what are we to be. But we don't like this kind of voice, because each person the in the mind have a sense of honor," Pierce said, "but to be honest, at that time in addition to listen to, can't do anything. I usually don't watch much TV, because the time to accompany my child, but even so, I can still hear a lot of negative comments about the Nike Air Max 95 Womens team, in all directions, roll in." The celtics after the rondo injured, has made 14-4 grades, theory of single winning percentage, the green unlined upper garment army now than in the all-star point guard in, much better. "We really became different. Right now you look back at last season, we before the all-star weekend, in the case of with rondo, is still a struggle, but? We still very united, has always played to the eastern conference finals and then, from the NBA finals is a game, remember, that are made with rondo." Pierce says. with variables, rondo season, Mr Lin Jie season, let the plan did not dare to say, but Pierce the body burden, more heavy pressure. But after even loss number will Pierce YueZhanYueYong, especially at a crucial moment, the captain of large heart always makes his teammates around find rely on. Not far, during the celtics five wins in a row, he beat the jazz in Salt Lake City, and then again in the face of an eagle hit clutch shots, the game into extra-time and win. As for the other time, opponents defense manufacturing space for his teammate, and so on, no need to mentioned. According to ESPN reporter Kevin pell's statistics, from the date Nike Air Max TN of rondo fall, Pierce assists percentage per minute, up nearly 40% than in the past, the rebound has also have greatly improved. Also, his career took three double seven times, and since 2010 no triple-double of the truth, did get twice this season - on January 27, when ShuangJia win 17 points and 13 rebounds for the heat 10 assists, Feb. 10, win over the nuggets of 27 points and 14 rebounds in 14 assists. "To be honest, I really don't understand why Pierce didn't get more praise," Jeff green said, "in the last years of his career was leaving, he didn't flinch, but to meet, with you in various ways and win a victory." At the beginning of the opening, Pierce state is very bad, the decline of the shooting, 11 of 3, 2, 12, some people therefore think that Pierce will say goodbye to former glory. Strangely, the shooting is still not satisfactory to the January Pierce (shooting 39.9% and 28.9% on threes), for the celtics, is still indispensable
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