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Great Resources for the diet and biomedical world of autism

Posted Oct 09 2009 12:00am
I have in my "Info Blog" section a link to Jenny McCarthy giving a few tutorials on biomedical treatment...Unfortunately, the link is no longer active. So, until I find it again (I have sent them a message), I want to make sure that ANYONE reading my blog who has a loved one with autism has accessibility to the following webpage. It is on Jenny McCarthy's Generation Rescue website and this page gives you GREAT insight if you are new to the biomedical world.

Biomedical 101

PLEASE read that page if you are new to this world. It might change you and your child's life!

I also want to include a list of links that I have found so helpful over the last year. Each of these websites have helped me in some way.

TACA or Talk About Curing Autism :Amazing source of information created by parents of children with autism. Detailed info on starting the GFCF diet, therapy, finances, coping, and so much more

Generation Rescue: Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey's website for autism, wealth of information regarding biomedical treatments and how to get started.

GFCF Diet: Official gluten free and casien free diet website, how to get started, what and where to buy

Autism Research Institute: Information on the latest research on autism, getting started, doctor information

Dr. Neubrander: The DAN! doctor who began the Methyl B-12 / autism recovery movement. Recovery videos, how to videos, parent testimonials

Enzyme Stuff: Despite its name, the website has a lot of information clarifying the underlying gut issues in our kids and they how and why to "fix" them.

Danasview: One parent's website with thousands of parents testimonials

DAN! Defeat Autism Now!: The courageous doctors fighting to defeat autism now!

Finding the Words: Movie produced to show the recovery of six children all diagnosed with autism

autism - pdd board: Parent forum with loads of questions and answers from parents who have been there or who are "there" right now

Homeopathy Center of Houston: MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION!! A group of homeopaths devoted to helping to recover kids from autism. They use a sequential approach based on each child's individual timeline. We are clients and have seen amazing results!

Body Ecology Diet- EXTREMELY important diet to consider if GFCF doesn't seem to be enough. This diet has really helped my son AND husband.

Pecanbread: Information on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). We have been on this diet for 9 months. It is another diet to consider if GFCF doesn't seem to be enough. I do not recommend this diet for much longer than a year.

Yahoo groups: Yahoo groups has a plethera of groups started by parents or doctors. Just a few of my favorites listed below. Go to Yahoo Groups and search for any one of them.
pecanbread (SCDiet)
Homeopathy Center of Houston

Notes: MB-12 tonight, still fussing at naptime, tired and clingy
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