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Gratituesday: A year to remember

Posted Dec 29 2009 12:00am

God is Faithful, and always with that the same thing?
This year was an awakening for us, for me. Isaac was diagnosed with Autism in late February, but we had been anticipating it for a while. He had been taking speech therapy since the previous year for his developmental delays.
Then began the quest for helping him, and I was watching GMA one morning and I saw Jenny McCarthy on the set and she was promoting her new book, about Autism.
Later on about a month down the road of this year, I was researching, came across amazon book reviews, and that's when I decided to purchase the book, Healing and preventing Autism.
I devoured the book, and set out to do exactly what the book said could be done: To Heal my son.
All this time God was leading me to find some help for my son. Autism is treatable!
Isaac had to go on a Gluten Free Casein Free Diet. I found a support group, and read what I could about Autism.
Rebekah (our 2 year old baby girl) started talking, and is now modeling many of the things that we want Isaac to learn.
In July we started Autism Demo project thru Tricare, an ABA tutor would come to our house and help model for Isaac, and teach him.
In October we started Isaac at a Dan doctor. With a change of medical care we were on the right track to getting him healed. We started on vitamins and tests that he had so desperately needed. The tests showed he had dysbiosis, and high oxalate content in his urine.
In November we started working on mineral deficiencies. In December we started Enhansa, and we are still continuing Vitamin and supplement therapies.
May the 2010 year be the year that he is healed. I am thankful for the Doctors that have found thru clinical experience that Autism is treatable.

A is for Autism, the disorder that sums up so many neurological conditions.
B is for Biomedical- treatment that cures some and helps others.
C is for Chelation- the final push towards getting the toxins out.
D is for Dan doctors that Defeat Autism Now, and try hard to help kids who have autism.
E is for the Environment, that needs to be changed.
F is for fresh food that is free from preservatives, and chemicals.
G is for getting the toxins out.
H is for health that needs to be restored.
I is for the immune system that needs to be strengthened.
J is for Jenny- who started it all...
K is for vitamin k that could help some kids.
L is for loving these kids, no matter what tantrum they might throw.
M is for Mama knows best.
N is for natural medicine.
O is for Osteopathic Massage- it could help, not hurt.
P is for the putrid smell that comes from the stool.
Q is for questions that need to be asked by parents.
R is for researching that needs to be done.
S is for speech therapy.
T is for Teaching our kids.
U is for understanding our kids.
V is for vaccines, watch out they hurt the brain.
W is for water that needs to be clean.
X is for X - rays that need to be taken for fecal compaction.
Y is for yearning to be free from Autism.
Z is for zealous to stop the epidemic.

I am thankful that we are on the road to recovery this year. Isaac is definitely making progress. Thank God Autism is no longer considered untouchable.

For more thankful stories, check out Laura's website Heavenly Homemakers .
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