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Government Finds No Evidence of Harm in Pampers Dry Max Diapers "Don't Be Anti-Diaper!"

Posted Sep 05 2010 12:00am

Trust-us-to-secure-the-things-you-love-most Sound familiar? "No link. Crazy Mommies."

Agency finds no link between new Pampers, diaper rashes

08:35 AM CDT on Friday, September 3, 2010

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON – Government safety officials have not found a connection between a new kind of Pampers diaper and the severe skin reactions reported by some parents' groups. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said Thursday that it has reviewed 4,700 complaints, but found no specific cause linking Pampers diapers with new Dry Max technology to diaper rash.

"We hope that today's announcement will reassure the millions of moms and dads and child caregivers who place their trust in Pampers and Dry Max every day," Jodi Allen, vice president for Pampers, said in a statement. Procter & Gamble launched new versions of its Swaddlers and Cruisers diapers in the U.S. in March.

The thinner diapers use the company's Dry Max absorbent gel material to replace the paper pulp previously used. Parents' groups blamed the change for severe skin problems.
In May, the commission launched an investigation of Dry Max following complaints of babies and toddlers suffering severe diaper rashes and blisters that resemble chemical burns.

The agency said it reviewed the materials, construction, heat retention and moisture retention properties of the Dry Max diapers and found nothing specific about the diapers that causes rashes.  The Associated Press 

Here are some blogs and comments (click the blogs to read many more comments) directly from mothers who know what happened to their babies. Will they be labeled "anti-diaper?" Will scorn and ridicule rain down on them from quasi-corporate websites soon to pop up with names like, "" or "" or ""

My daughter developed a terribe rash after they changed all the pampers to dry max( you can not even buy any without their DRY MAX “technology”. I am very disappointed with pampers. I have 4 children and have used pampers on all of them. I can not believe they are ignoring the fact they are causing these babies all of this unnecessary suffering with these rashes. I did change brands and the rash has improved. I am a nurse, and I am certain it is from the pampers, as my daughter has never had a rash, and is 21 months old. Time to push the potty training. I am done with pampers. They had a great product that worked very well, and they had to go and screw it up.

i dont care what ANYBODY says and i know this has been posted a million times but the new dry max DOES cause burns! maybe not on everyone who has tried them but my almost 8 month old son NEVER has had a rash, not ONCEand have used pampers since day 1. all of a sudden started getting bumps and bright red blisters ONLY after dry max started being used. even switched to a reg diaper - it went away - then tried a dry max overnight and already by the next morning bumps and red blisters again!


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