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Goo Boyi, Wenn Done, Goo Hittin

Posted May 31 2009 12:00am

Those are some of Khaled's most used words in the last few days. He now routinely congratulates himself for peeing in the toilet, putting his cup in the sink after he finishes drinking (although he puts everything in the sink after he is done, including plates with left overs, so we have to work on that).

The other day we were getting him to throw a ball to us so I could hit it with his baseball bat. Then it was his turn. Its a confusing game. One minute you are throwing then you are hitting, you have to run and get the ball and come back (and not just forget about it and start spinning the ball in a corner), then do everything again. There is screaming, shouting, too many instructions. Its madness.

Anyway, when it was his turn, I held his bat for him and helped him hit and we went "good hitting!"

We spotlighted his success but now he has generalized that phrase to other situations that do not involve hitting. (Like peeing in the toilet, and putting things away)

Its cute, but we have to fade it out now. When he does say something, like the title, its not very clear but God bless him he tries.

We also have to work on him looking in the camera when a picture is being taken :)
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