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Posted Aug 25 2009 12:49pm

Here is a catch-up blog. Last month, the boys had to be cleaned out up at the hospital. Their bellies were very full of fecal matter. Mason was worse, and had never been cleaned out before. Hunter was cleaned out about five years ago. It really helps. I am so sick of Mirilax and Ex-Lax and everything in between. We've tried behavior interventions, too, but I'm 90% sure their is a physiological problem.
Their dad just had a colonoscopy...forgot the follow up appt today though-- (Asperger's ) but we do know something is up with his bowels, too. Doc says the nerve endings don't look right... that would explain many things.
If we ever build a house, I would definitely install four toilets in the same room for all of the guys to do their thing. Let sweet freedom ring!!!
**By the way, the name of the medicine that is dripping into their tummies is called "Go Lytely". Anything but. Somebody was trying to be funny when they came up with that title.


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