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global developmental delay & hyptonia now seeing signs of autism could this be correct

Posted by LauraLou32

my daughter is 10 & was diagnosed with global developmental delay and hypotonia when she was three,

now shes displaying signs of autism as well as her other problems she has, i feel like she should have been assessed again for this as she got older,

as global devlopmental delay is just the name of something they nothing of what causes it.

my daughter is very unsteady on her feet (hyptonia), unaware of potiential dangers requires constant supervision, all this and more is part of the global developmental delay associated with severe learning difficulties she has very set special educational needs, is statemented  she needs to still develop gross and fine motor skills  self awareness self help social and learning skill her language and communication skills. and literacy and numeracy skills, then all the other things im noticing that surely the teachers must b aswell.     can i ask my dr for an assessment or do i have to do it threw the school, ang G.D.D can be a sign of an underlying autism spectrum disorder isnt that right?

any advive you could give to me will be much appricated its my daughters annual review tommorow and its the last one before she goes to high school in sept her new teachers will all be there i feel they need to no my concerns on the autism issue before she goes there.

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