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GiGi and PopPop for Spring Break

Posted Mar 19 2010 2:28pm
Due to spring break, I BEGGED my parents to come stay with me to help out while Drew was out of school.  They haven't seen him since Christmas and although he did beautifully during Christmas, he has improved since then.  I was really excited for them to see his new personality.  They reluctantly agreed after much persuasion...j/k.  They really wanted to come but the tickets were super expensive due to spring break.  They came anyway. :) 
   On the homeopathy front, we have been clearing Drew's birth for the last month.  This entails things such as the pitocin, epidural, the gooky eye ointment babies receive, and of course the physical and emotional trauma of birth.  Many parents report that their kids display infant like behavior during this clear.  You know, voodoo.  We also included the MMR and HepB AGAIN at a high potentcy. 
  A few days before my parents arrived, the tantrums and aggression began.  Yay.  I realized that Drew was tantrumming at the slightest amount of pee in his diaper.  He has NEVER shown any sort of sign that this bothered him.  But, time after time over a few days, we got a crazy kid if his diaper was wet.  He also started saying, "I want clean" if he was wet.  I was thrilled and terrified all at the same time.  I was not prepared to start potty training while my parents were here and quite frankly, I always invisioned his school just taking care of that for me!  We held off a few days and just made sure that he was changed immediately.

So, GiGi and PopPop arrived.  All was good...for about one day. 
  • Day 1: We went out to eat, went to the store, lots of outings and only wet diaper tantrums.  Good engagement, playing appropriately...just a good day.
  • Day 2: Went to store and Drew was treated to a new wagon, scooter, potty chair (just in case), and so many other toys.  He did wonderfully at the store......too good actually.  I put him down for a nap and 30 min later, I heard him awake but not crying.  He had a fever.  A fever that would spike up to 104 and send him to lethargy quickly.  He was out of it.  I called our homeopaths who gave us some remedies to give to him and miraculously, fever and lethargy gone the next day! YAY. 
  • Day 3:  Drew does not like to be at our house; so we tend to take him out as much as possible.  So, we loaded up and headed for the Chick-fil-a indoor playground.  Um, that lasted all of 10 min.  The public display of aggression towards me is a bit embarrassing so we threw him in the car and headed home.  It was not a fun day.  Drew tantrummed all day and quite disturbingly was outright rude to my parents.  He ignored them or strayed away from them as much as possible.  Very upsetting for me to see especially since they were there to help and be with him. Hubby and I did manage to get a dinner out at our fave Mexican restaurant where I chugged two peach margaritas and a shot of something that the waiter gave us.  We could handle anything then... 
  • Day 4: In-home therapy all day.  Thank God.  My mom and I enjoyed a great dinner at our brand new China Buffet.  Mmmmmm good.  The funny thing though is that my mom doesn't get out much (apparently) because she wasn't sure if a buffet was all you can eat.  She also was very unsure of the "protocol".  I mean, she asked me "how to do it". *rolling eyes*  I'm so glad that I could help her experience a China Buffet. :)    I was also able to throw in a bit of cooking here or there during those few days.  Drew was also starting to initiate "Change diaper".  
  • Day 5: Oh my.  We took him to my favorite mall that has a GREAT toddler play area.  All was good until Drew ran across the play area, threw himself on the ground accompanied by a loud scream (which was our cue that he needed to or had just peed), ran back over to me and took a huge bite out of my arm.  I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and a thick sweatshirt; yet he still broke the skin in a big way.  My parents were impressed with my ability to not immediately backhand him.  I was just in shock and losing blood.  Fortunately, the rest of the mall trip went well (Yes, we stayed and continued with that adventure.).  That night, my mom cooked up some good ol' country fried steak with rice & gravy, green beans, and biscuits.  YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! 
  • Day 6:  In Home therapy and Potty Training Day #1.  Success.  Sort of.  After two "potty sitting" tries, Drew went pee pee in the potty on try #3!!!  He went 5 times on the potty!!  Of course, he had a few accidents but it was only Day 1.  I am so proud.  That night, during his final therapy session, my parents and I went out to my favorite local Italian restaurant.  This place is so stinkin' good...and so authentic EXCEPT for the fact that the Mafia looking God Father and his eight dark haired sons, complete with accent, are actually from Albania.  That is neither here nor there.  The food is awesome and we hit up Baskin Robbins on the way home! 
  • Day 7: Potty Training Day #2.  Today, my parents had to fly back home to Florida.  :(  I hate it when that happens and it is always so sad.  I can't think about it.  Drew has successfully, pee peed 4 times in the potty so far.  Accidents? yes but still doing really, really well! 

In all, it was a good visit and we got a lot done and did a lot of things.  I was sad that my parents saw the meanest two year old ever instead of the sweet hilarious one that we have most of the time.  Regardless, he has still improved so much just since Christmas: speaking in sentences, following directions well, and *gasp* potty training!  Hopefully, next time, he'll be nicer.  Oh, he fell asleep on the way to the airport so they didn't really get to say goodbye.  But, as soon as he woke up, he said, "I want GiGi."  Then, threw his snack cup at me when I told him that they had gone byebye.  lol.

Thanks PopPop and GiGi! We love you and miss you!

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