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Getting ready for Christmas (lots of pics!)

Posted Dec 06 2009 9:08pm
This year has been especially fun getting ready for Christmas, thought I'd share some pictures of our tree-decorating escapades...

First there was the trip to Walmart to pick up a few remaining decorations that we needed. Aside from climbing everything in sight (which I did not get pictures of, too busy trying to get them down), the boys tried on some festive headgear :). Little Bitty and Bearhug tried out some Santa hats while Cuddlebug tried on some antlers.

Then it was off to Lowe's to pick out a tree. It would have been fun to go to a tree farm to pick out a tree, but Lowe's is closer and less expensive... :). We tried to go as fast as possible, knowing that we were already at the limit of overstimulation thanks to having to stop at Walmart first, not to mention just the excitement of the whole tree-adventure.

Bearhug took a break from tree-hunting to climb the fence :/

This is what happens when I ask the boys to stand together for a picture...

And when I clarified, "umm... try standing *next to* each other... and smile!" this is what I got (lol)
At least they managed to stand next to each other long enough for a picture of all 3 together, it's rare!)

Then the boys and I waited in the car while the tree was loaded on top.

As we pulled out, Bearhug asked, "was I good in there?" We shrugged and said, "pretty good." (all three of them were pretty wired and pinging off the walls by the time we were ready to check out, but they stayed in control and no meltdowns, so we considered it a success. Bearhug said, "thanks for not yelling at me, because if you did I would've had to hit myself in the head." Uh... well, I'm glad we didn't have any need to yell then (I'm glad we didn't need to yell anyway, we don't like to but sometimes it's the only way to get their attention).

Then it was back home for decorating. I didn't actually get to take any pictures until we were almost done (and dh was busy outside putting the lights up). It was pretty chaotic for a while there, the boys couldn't wait so they kept running in and out of the house while I got the decorations out of the boxes (they were joined by our neighbor's dog at one point, our cat was unimpressed, lol). The three of them practically smothered me as I put the hooks on the ornaments... I couldn't get those hooks on fast enough! Finally we reached some ornaments that already had hooks on and I was able to snap a few pictures :).

I really love these two pictures of Bitty. In this one, he's inspecting the almost-finished tree with his hands clasped in excitement...

And here I just like his expression looking at the tree in the soft light.

And a couple of tree pictures. Of course we have a Texas longhorn ornament :)

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