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genuine lawsuit or more neurodiverse mischief?

Posted Sep 07 2012 12:00am
I was interested to read a post on the well known neurodiversity blog, left brain/right brain.  This post discusses a certain lawsuit against a certain antineurodiversity blogger from New Hampshire. Those who have followed both the pro and anti neurodiversity blogs over the years can mostly likely surmise who this person is.

The individual in question is allegedly being sued for a post he wrote over a year ago.  He stated that the organization now suing him was peddling "horseshit" and he called them "Jackasses".  It seems strange that an organization, based on what it must cost to sue someone, would litigate for such a trivial reason and wait a year to file a suit. They allegedly stated that this blogger's post had a detrimental effect on their business, which seems far fetched, at least to me.  Seems unlikely this suit would go very far, though I admit i'm not a lawyer or legal expert.  LB/RB's blogger-in-chief, Matt Carey stated that he was conflicted about the lawsuit, but did not come right out and say how frivolous it was.  There was also a dig at the unpopular (from the point of view of ND) blogger that had no relevance to the topic in question.

In a post written two days ago the blogger in question stated that he had not yet been served with the suit.  I wonder what the probability is that someone would write on the internet that they were suing someone before a subpoena was handed down.  This, to me, makes it very suspect.

Though Carey stated he was conflicted, some of the regulars of his blog seemed to have a celebratory attitude, including one of ND's most unsavory characters who has spent time harassing me and writing libelous things about your humble blogger on the internet (now deleted into the phantom zone).

I still remember Zach Lassiter's bogus story about autism speaks trying to put his t-shirt company out of business and Alex Plank, writing it up on the front page of wrong planet without doing any fact checking.  Plank ironically enough solicited and received donations for his Autism Talk TV project from AS.

I also remember how the neurodiversity movement lied about this blogger claiming that he threatened Ari Ne'eman with death when all he did was write an inflammatory post stating that he wished ari ne'eman could be tried criminally and executed and asked Newsweek to "Kill Ari Ne'eman" referring to killing a favorable article they wrote about him. 

I have to wonder if this is a real lawsuit or if this isn't just more lies and mischief from the neurodiversity movement who are just making the story up and posting it on the internet to stir trouble.  

The blogger in question stated that he would provide updates, so I guess I'll just have to repeat the old cliche, "time will tell'. 

Addendum:  The latest news is that the lawsuit appears to be real although the blogger in question has not yet been served.  Although he does not believe he's done anything wrong, he's offered to settle the suit in order to avoid  the trouble or hassle or costs or all of the above that defending the suit would incur.  Gadfly suspects neurodiversity will have a field day with this and will use this to claim proof of his guilt and mislead people who don't understand about settling to the avoid costs of litigation or other problems when fighting a trivial lawsuit.   I guess there will be more on this topic and I will add to it when and if appropriate.  
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