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Posted Oct 23 2008 6:12pm

Way back in the beginning of my pregnancy with Gavin I would have all sorts of weird dreams. One recurring dream was that I gave birth to one of those singing rodent looking creatures from the old Quizno’s sub commercials instead of a baby. One was really scary because the baby tried to eat my boob while I was breastfeeding it. Actually it wasn’t an it, in all my Sub dreams the little rat was a girl and I named her Katherine.

I also had a very vivid dream that I was pregnant with another man’s child. I had this dream so many times I almost believed it. I mentioned the dream in passing to my sister Kara. Instead of just laughing at it, she told me to never tell John what Gavin’s blood type was, just in case. Um, okay. I did actually find out he’s B+ and I am AB+ and John is O+ so he’s probably John’s kid.

I still love to share that story with people whenever possible. One because my sister is a dork, and two because SO many damn people have to tell me just how different looking my boys are. From family members to random ladies at McDonalds. Alright I get it, my boys have very distinct looks. Gavin has my nose, cheeks, and eyes, my brother Danny’s body shape, my Dad’s lack of an ass, my side of the families teeth, John’s coarse hair, detached earlobes, and Autism gene. Keaton got my head shape, his head size from his Grandpa Grotegut, my sister Becky’s fine hair, my sister Kara’s cheesy face, Grandma Grotegut’s teeth, John’s eyes, forehead, and big ass birth mark. Depending on who you talk to either Gavin looks more like Me and Keaton more like John, or vice versa. Personally I think Gavin looks more like me and Keaton looks more like John.

Its hard not to develop a complex over just how many comments we get. If it weren’t for the fact that they look like people in our family I’d really start to think one of them was switched at the hospital. Either that or Keaton has a different father because John swears Keaton looks nothing like him, but that Gavin is his mini me. I think that Gavin looks just like me and that Keaton looks just like John. So we are sure Gavin belongs to us. Keaton on the other hand must be the mailman’s kid, well except that our mailman is actually a mail-woman.

One thing they do have in common is that they are both undeniably adorable.

He's so handsome

Beautiful Boy

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