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Genetics and Eugenics: Time for action

Posted Jan 03 2010 12:00am
As the scurilous and effervescent Socrates has suggested, I am working on something at the moment.

Well this is just an interim statement to say that my first position statement (why do they always have to be position statements, it sounds so pompous) on this particular issue first broached by my colleague Mike Stanton, and more recently re-iterated here, will have it's gestation later tonight, it will long and wordy, and in a new departure for me, quote extensively from peer revieved 'science' - shock horror.

I believe that it takes more than a few people or even a crowd standing around with banners chanting, to effect a real campaign, of which the public protesting is only one part.

That is why I am researching this carefully, with a view to martialing a far wider campaign front than the 'usual suspects' involving a range of organisations, including some traditionally regarded as our enemies if they will come on board.

I am just waking up after the disruptions of the Christmas period, the new year not really beginning publicly until tommorow, 4th of January.

This is my first priority, before even the academic necessities I also have to look to if I am to continue my own researches.

I need to take a break now, before I complete what I have started. I just want to say this, any successful campaign needs to be planned carefully, it ought not to go off 'half cocked'.

I might also add before leaving that some voices will be absent from this debate, you can call it censorship if you will and that is a nasty word, but you will not see Harold Doherty, John Best, Jonathon Mitchel or their maladjusted allies unless they can constrain themselves and find something sensible to say, this is a serious debate, about serious issues not the usual bloggers 'Punch and Judy'.

The same goes for my allies, I would prefer a more sober posting style (perhaps the pot calling the proverbial kettle here) devoid of scatology and inventive invective.

Parliamentary language only please ......
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