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Flat people

Posted Jan 07 2010 4:44am
The boys did really well at church this last Sunday, especially considering all the changes with the new year - meeting a new time, new classes with new teachers meeting in new rooms. Lots of change, usually a source of great consternation but all three of them handled it really well.

So during Primary the person was teaching about families and did a group activity where they had one child go in the hall for a minute (with an adult) while another hid a family picture somewhere. Then the first would come back in and all the kids get to help them search for it (kind of a hot/cold game I think, I wasn't actually there but dh was because he teaches one of the classes).

Bearhug was asked to be the one to go out into the hall, but when he came back in he saw the picture right away and went straight to it without needing any "guidance" from the group (it was hidden under a chair).

When asked how he found it so quickly, he responded, "I saw a flat person under the chair."

Haha, it never would have occurred to me to think of people in a picture as "flat people" but that's actually pretty accurate. Bearhug and Cuddlebug are very good at coming up with descriptions that make us think, "huh?" at first but then "why have we never thought of that?" once we realize how logical it is. I love how they think :).

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