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Family & Friends Celebrate Day 1

Posted Dec 04 2010 9:31pm
Logan's week of birthday celebrations begin today.  I don't know if it's lucky for him or not but his first celebration day is also my birthday.  So, we doubly celebrated today.

We had our family and friends birthday celebration today.  This was the only Saturday that my sister could come down from Jacksonville.  So, we decided to do make it our kick off celebration.  Normally, we do family and friends early on the actual birthday then the grandparents dinner later in the day.  Being the flexible thinkers that we are, we changed it to accommodate others. 

Logan had a great time although I completely forgot to get the right number of candles.  This meant that he is celebrating his 13th birthday but only blew out 8 candles.  Yay to him for being flexible enough in his thinking to not only laugh at my oversight but to go along with it as well.

Tomorrow we will either celebrate with friends from church or go to Granny's house and celebrate with her.  I'll leave you with this little tidbit about Logan and Granny.  When Logan says her name, he ALWAYS says 98 yr old Granny.  Like her first name is her age and her last name is Granny.  He NEVER says her name without her age first.  I guess he's really impressed with how old she is.  :)
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