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Fall Into Reading 2010: Reading Question #12

Posted Dec 14 2010 3:16pm

As part of her challenge, Kristina at Callapidder Days has been asking a question every week about reading habits. I have been just answering them in the comments of her post until now, but for this last one, she gave several options and I thought I would answer them here.

This week , she asks:

  1. Do you write in your books?
  2. Can you read in the car?
  3. Does the rest of your family enjoy reading?
  4. What’s the longest you’ve gone without reading?

I don’t know that I have ever written in a fiction book, unless it was some hugely glaring typo or error that I absolutely couldn’t resist taking a pencil to. And I rarely write in a non-fiction book, but I do use a highlighter, especially when it is a book I plan to refer back to or one I am reviewing for the blog.

Usually I can and do read in the car. If I am a passenger on a long drive, it is incredibly difficult for me to just sit and watch the scenery or listen to music without some written input. There are times where I have to stop, usually if the sun is so bright that it is bothering my eyes or if I am not feeling well.

Not as much as I do. My son much prefers being read to, although if you find a book he is interested in, he will read it himself and be happy about it once he gets started. My husband almost never reads novels; he much prefers non-fiction such as biographies or books about his favorite musical groups or other areas of interest.

There have been a few times in my life where I didn’t feel like always having a novel or two going, but not very many. And even in those times, I still read, just not to the excessive degree I normally do.

I actually have been somewhat distracted lately and have started watching TV shows via Netflix, which has just about replaced my light reading. (I still am reading autism-related non-fiction, however.) In the past few months, I have watched all eight seasons of Monk, the first two seasons of Lie to Me and am currently in the second season of Eureka. A bit strange, perhaps, but probably not stranger than the number of books I would normally have plowed through in the same time period!

So, there you have it. Now you know a bit more useless trivia about me. :)

Next week, I’ll be posting my wrapup to let you know how I did on my personal Fall Into Reading 2010 challenge. In the meantime, feel free to share your answers to any or all of these questions about your own reading habits!

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