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Faith's Bill: End Seclusion, Restraint, and Abuse In Our Schools Against Our Children!

Posted Jan 22 2009 3:55pm
This past Friday I received a highly disturbing email. We've all heard about the seclusion, restraint, and outright abuse of our children with autism by those we trust to provide our children with an education. My son, Nathan, was one of those children who suffered abuse and neglect at the hands of his teacher, just this past spring.

The email was a posting on a military yahoo group I belong to, and was from Michael E. Robinson, Sr., who is the Director of The Office of Advocacy for Autistic Children. When I read his posting, I knew I had to reach out and help in any way I could. Of course me being the person that I am, I had to "meet" Michael first. So I called him up! Let me tell you, Michael is AMAZING! and the autism community has a solid and devoted supporter of putting an end to the abuse that our children suffer. Michael has drafted Faith's Bill, and is looking for feedback from the autism community.

"Either way until they figure out how to properly certify the use of
ANY restraint or use ANY seclusion, we must Ban it as a Nation. Too
many children have died over simple non compliance. A little disabled
girl goes to jail in handcuffs in Idaho because she couldn't wear a
shirt ?"
Michael E. Robinson, Sr.
And this was the link...
Battery charges dropped against 8-year-old girl in N. Idaho

They were considering charging an eight year old with autism? The crime was committed by the school. Children have died. Faith has died, and at the hands of educators. It should be a federal crime. What Nathan went through along with another child in his classroom (whose mother is a close friend of mine), should be a federal crime. Almost a year later the memories still tramatize him, and his friend as well. Just so ya know... The teacher that was responsible for my son's injury... well... she no longer has her job.

Another quote from Mike...

"How stupid does this have to get ? How come they couldn't simply let
a child with a disability be a Child ? Until they can there's no
other choice at this point other than to put legislation before
congress and our new President and have Seclusion and Illegal
Restraint banned."

Please provide Mike with your feedback for Faith's Bill. The injury, abuse, and killing of our children, because they have autism, MUST STOP! You can reach Mike at Peace4kids at yahoo dot com.

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