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Failing and Flailing The Current Pro Vaccine Campaign Promotes New Autism Myths

Posted Feb 13 2011 9:12am

It appears that those who promote vaccines as an important  public health tool are losing their battle to persuade people that vaccines are perfectly safe and do not cause any harm, do not cause neurological damage and do not  cause or trigger any of the neurological disorders in any children ever.  I say this as the father of two children who have received all required and recommended vaccines. I say this as the father of a 15 year old son  with Autistic Disorder and profound developmental delays who has never attributed his son's disorders to vaccine injury.  I say this as a person who believes that vaccines are in fact an important, but not a perfect,  public health tool. I say this as a person who believes that Bill Gates' screaming and  frothing from the corners of his mouth while yelling murder, murder at the top of his lungs will not work.  I believe that the current strategy of attack will not work, will be counterproductive and will result in further declines in vaccination rates.

I say this because I believe that those who engage in such attacks have failed, utterly failed to demonstrate any knowledge or understanding of autism disorders or the challenges faced by the parents they belittle and denigrate directly and by implication with their simplistic allegations.  I believe that those who continue these unproductive strategies should themselves accept responsibility for declines in vaccination rates.  They have failed and now they flail. They flail wildly and continue their failure and quite possible increase the numbers of persons who will now be suspicious of vaccine safety.

The current offensive against those who ask any questions about vaccine safety has gone from alleging poor research, to making unproven in a court of law allegations of fraud and homicide.  The research of one journalist forms the basis of a world wide big media stream of allegations of fraud against Dr. Andrew Wakefield.  The bases for Bill Gates wild eyed claims that those who question vaccine safety are responsible for killing children is not articulated anywhere in any comprehensible form.  New autism myths are created and one of the myths that demonstrate the ignorance of those who promote vaccines at any cost is the myth that large sums of autism research dollars have been diverted from finding causes of autism disorders to proving that vaccines do not cause autism.

At Medical News Today Christian Nordqvist (Editor in Chief and CEO of Medical News Today) confesses in The Tragedy Of The Fraudulent MMR Autism Link, A Personal Story    that he once had nagging doubts about whether his son's Asperger's Syndrome was caused or at least aggravated by receipt of an MMR vaccine.  Now he is satisfied beyond all doubt, after reading the Brian Deer "research" alleging fraud against Dr. Wakefield that the MMR vaccine played no role in his son's conditions.   There is not much substance in Mr. Nordqvist's recounting of his struggles with his nagging doubts but there is one glaring and false autism myth which the Editor in Chief and CEO of Medical News Today is quite happy to promote when he states
The billions of dollars, Euros, Pounds and Yens that did not go into autism research between 1998 and today, because philanthropists, grant givers and government departments might have been distracted by these false findings, now need to go into autism research. We do not know whether a huge grant might have occurred during this period that would have achieved a massive breakthrough in this field if that study had not been published - if so, I name it a tragedy for babies with autism born yesterday, today and in the near future, and also for their parents, siblings and other close relatives.

(Underlining added HLD)

That is one of the biggest reaches that I have yet seen in the debates about autism and autism research.  Mr. Nordqvist starts by stating that "billions of dollars, Euros etc" did not go into autism research beteween 1998 and today"  because potential sources of research dollars MIGHT have been distract by what he calls Wakefields false findings.   No evidence, study, research or source of any kind is referenced to support this wild speculation.  Mr. Nordqvist is happy to then go on and speculate about all the autism research that might have resulted in a massive breakthrough had the Wakefield study not been published.

Might, might, maybe, ah ha! pretty well sums up Mr. Nordqvist's sorry logic.

OK, the article by the editor in chief and CEO of Medical News Today might be the weakest and loopiest of all the comments made in the heated vaccine autism wars but it does show clearly the depths to which  those who seek to silence anyone who questions vaccine safety will descend. 
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