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Eyes Wide Shut

Posted Nov 27 2008 11:59am
Ok some are looking as if to say hey wont this the title of a movie with Nichole Kidman and Tom Cruise that sucked years ago? Umm yes it was but its perfect for what I want to say here at this point in time. It wasnt nothing that was done in a mean way or on purpose oh geesh let me just explain lol here it goes.

A while back while surfing the net I came across a few blogs that dealt with Autism related topics. Some were good some where like wow tell me how you really feel, then I came across one that the topic caught my eye due to the topic of a certian celeb whom she never was a favorite actress of mine but I like her boyfriend he can make me laugh and cant wait to see his newest movie lol.

The blogger has the same thoughts that I do about this lady due to some of the way she worded her conversations that made me do a whoa back sista you cant say that!! I am one that feels we as parents have been through enough with Autism and dont need any false hope when you say hey my child has been cured he/she no longer has Autism because I did this or that that really pissed me off. And when people rub me the wrong way I will let them know in more ways then one. I think thats a lot to do with my disdain towards her choice of words. I dont like when you say to parents if your child does the diet they will no longer have Autism, then the parent does the diet and no changes that parent becomes dishearted and wants to throw in the towel. Please dont say things like this especially to parents who are just starting out thats all I ask. Other then that by all means do your thing.

I hate the fact that when I see parents that have been dealing with Autism longer then me or this woman who have been saying the same things these moms have been saying and they didnt get even as much as a acknowledgement for their fights against the Vaccines and Autism debate. But then you have this lady come along and BOOM she takes all the credit for something that has been said for years

To me thats like Christopher Columbus saying he discovered America when it has been here along and then they give him a Holiday for it, it just dont make sense to me. Where are the moms to say hey we do apperciate what you have done by getting the word out but where is our credit for setting the stage for the Vaccine vs Autism fight, where is our credit for being the Orginal Autism Warriors. I mean call me petty but I applaude these moms who have been in the for front B.J. (BEFORE JENNY) and yet they dont get a thank you. That is my only I am for the underdog as it would be called.

Now when I hear parents say things about how they use the GF/CF diets or how one good friend of mine and her husband are using the Hyperbaric Oxygen, among other things to help their children and I for one I do not knock it. I want all of our kids to live as much of a normal life as possible. I listen to the frustation in the parents voices and the posting they do on line and I just sit back and sometimes I cry, sometimes I say wow, sometimes I cant say nothing at all for and this is rare I am at a lost for words.

My friends will tell you yes I have tried this and you know what I DOsee a change in my child, the aggression are less, the stammering is less, he/she behavior is less. Now there will be still be signs of Autism there BUT ITS NOT GONE they are not cured but they are recovering, making a turn for the better, I see changes, they seem happier, less stressed, they are laughing when they use to cry or lash out, they sleep at night when they use to be up all night, they are eating when they use to just pick at their food these words I can beleive, these are words to me that will bring peace and comfort to parents that yes there is hope for RECOVERY TO HAPPEN, not a CURE Autism is not a cold.

But not once do I want anybody to think I knock what they do for their kids with Autism I am in your corner 100 and 10%, I have been the the Autism game as you can call it since 1999 enough to know to know that just because one thing dont work for Sally but it may work for Mary and I would never tell a parent hey look you get no pity here put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

Stop your sniffling and whinning and or stop torturing your child with methods that you know damn well wont work. That is not or never will be my mindset. I am willing to try what ever I can for my son so he can stop the stuttering, the seizures, the meltdowns, the memories of long ago that will set him off for no reason, the teasing of the kids at school for he is different, the teachers that dont care the list goes on.

My son Eric has Autism he has some of the triats that sons or my friends kids have, and some he dosent so when things go crazy in my life I have my life lines to fall back on my dear friends whom have helped me overcome things with my son that when they happen I just sit back and be like wow what in the world are you doing over there and will you please stop it because I cant handle this.

Now for the hard part sorta.

For all of your mommies that love to knock people like my friends due to your own lack of knowledge or lack of blindness please stop. You have no idea your blogs do more harm then good, any parent that would come to your blog and see how you bash the idea of GF/CF Diets, ABA, PECS etc can stop them from getting their kids the help they need due to the negative blogging. Yes this is the inernet free speech blah blah but becareful how you word things scroll up to top so see how much I hate that lol. Dont show your hate for what my friends and othere parents do to make a difference for their with Autism make a change in their life as being a bad thing in the words of somebody famous hehe. Dont knock it till you try it or if you tried it and didnt work find something else but stop the hate the shade dosent fit you.

We in the Autism Community need to open our eyes and come together we all are fighting for the same cause and that is what? Say it with me "Our Kids" they are what matter the most period. You'r eyes are opened but you refuse to come into the light Carolanne.

To all of the Autism Orginzationsthat help parents like TACA, Autism Speaks, UnLocking Autism etc pull together and truly make a difference. Make some of these programs and siminars affordable for parents to attend. We have kids with special needs so our funds are limited. I know you have to make money to keep your resources flowing, but we cant help if we are broke. Open your eyes to our financial needs we can get the help we need from you if we cant hear what you have to say. To all of you Authors of books I say the same open your eyes as well how can I pay 90 dollars for a book when I need to supply my child with things he/she needs. Yes half of the proceeds may go to charity but to be honest most of us are in need of charity our selfs so please give us a break.

To all of these Autism Experts instead of fighting with eachother thinking you know more then the next, putll your resources together and then maybe you can form a united front and get something done for parents.

To all parents who think your organizations is then the next stop, we have to go and get help where we can if you are knocking the orginization they belong to it makes them feel as if they are not getting the services they need once again lets show support. Open your eyes to the positive things that are being done not just the one or two negative things that have occured.

For all of the insurance companies you see whats going on, you see parents struggling stop playing hardball and help us out. What if this was your child, neice, nephew, grandchild you would want the moved mountians for them just like we want to move mountians for our kids so what do you say? Can you open your eyes a little more and show some compassion?

For all you Teachers, Aides, Principal, Asst Principals, School District, Board of education, Speech, OT, PT Therapist etc open your eyes to our needs stop taking our weakness for granted. Dont you all realize that one day our eyes start to open up more and more and we will no longer be blinded and shackled by your lies. Our pupils will be fixed and dialaited on the truth which is YES WE CAN MAKE LIFE BETTER OUR FOR KIDS WITH OR WITH OUT YOUR HELP.

To you Dr's stop closing your eyes to our pain as parents, stop looking at us with puzzlement like we are making this stuff up about our kids. Autism is not in our heads its in our kids and we dont like it no more then you do, but we are not longer blinded by the truth and I suggest you follow in our footsteps. Take the shades off and focus.

So for anyone that I offended if you thought I was knocking what you do for your kids please understand that I would never do that, or that think I dislike J.C. for what she is doing for the Autism ,I just dislike her choice of words that to me could hurt newly diagnosed kids with Autism that got under my skin. So please accept my apology my friends for I love you all, everyone else what can I say hope you understand and will make a change.
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